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Column. New ruins

Venue: Box 27 at Casal Solleric.
Dates: 11 April to 24 May 2015
Director: Pilar Ribal
Curator: Tolo Cañellas
Sponsored and organised by: Government of the Balearic Islands, Institut d'Estudis Baleàrics, Fundació Palma Espaid'Art and Fundación Banco Santander.

Column is the continuation of New Ruins. Google Earth Tour (2012), a geolocated 3D installation project for the internet originated by Fernández for development on Google Earth, where virtual models of the best-known ruins on Earth (the Taj Mahal, Machu Picchu, the moais of Easter Island, the Egyptian pyramids and so on) are manipulated using digital textures from the Broken Gradients series and are reinstalled using GPS coordinates in the same virtual space as the originals (exhibited online at Transfer 3D Speed Show (2012) in Poland, a single-day exhibition that entailed renting a telephone call shop). The first part of Column was exhibited in the Cerma virtual gallery as a 3D installation, in a digital space, as part of the What we call sculpture exhibition (2013).

Hence the aim of Column at Box 27 is to establish a parallel between the virtual and the real worlds, generating a column via a 3D printer derived from the intervention in the virtual model of the Parthenon and installing it as a sculpture in the real world, although the way of presenting it may be very clean, aseptic and in a sense unreal, blurring the boundaries between both; in an exercise of crossing over from the screen and making one of the ruins manifest (it could have been another one, a moai or a piece of Stonehenge) the artist operates in the intersection between art and technology. His artistic pursuit goes beyond the purely technological however, using all manner of disciplines from photography, painting, video and animated gifs, where the same project, such as the one exhibited at Box 27, can have various phases formalised using different techniques.

Manuel Fernández (Málaga, 1977) investigates the new processes that are brought to bear on the creation and production of art objects, their distribution, presentation and consumption in the age of the internet.
His works are contained in the Rhizome ArtBase of the New York New Museum and they have been exhibited in America, Europe and Asia, including the Museum of the Moving Image, New York, The Armory Show, New York, PhotoEspaña, Madrid (where he provided the front cover of the catalogue), Art Basel Miami, ARCO, Madrid, The Photographers' Gallery, London, A space for screen addiction, Marseilles, XPO Gallery, Paris and Super Dakota, Brussels, among other venues.

He was one of the judges for the New Media ERROR 415 awards organised by ArtSlant in 2013 and he was granted the Beep/ARCO New Media acquisition prize in 2014.
His work has been published in various media such as El País, Liberation, Triangulation Blog, I like this art, Dazed Digital, FastCo Blog, Complex Blog, O Fluxo Blog, and Minus Space Blog, among others.

Duration: since 11 of april until 24 of may 2015 .

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