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Santiago Picatoste. Jelly

Jelly: all forms of colour. Santiago Picatoste.

In addition to providing a selection of pieces from Santiago Picatoste's most recent series (Chrystallized, Atlas, Psyco and Chiral), the theme of the exhibition in Zone 1 of the Casal Solleric in Palma revolves around a highly specific alchemical sequence: the freezing of movement. The pieces, made up of two sheets of glass or Perspex like samples to be examined under a conventional microscope, condense that "frozen sequence" in which the layers of paint pass on the very gesture that has created them except that it's stopped in mid-stroke, frozen, but without losing the movement it contained which remains as if intrinsic to the halted form, as if movement could be stored like electricity in an accumulator or battery. The title of the exhibition, albeit with a certain sense of irony as the artist himself admits, comes from its emphasis on this particular view: namely "Jelly".

Colour, the star of Santiago Picatoste's work, takes on shape and personality in the "Atlas" series. Backgrounds with great chromatic transcendence ─ more like "frontgrounds" than backgrounds ─ act like an embracing fluid and envelop the frozen gestures of a nature that takes on touches of abstraction merely by being looked at in a certain way, in this case from a distance, from overhead. Abstraction, already created in the shape produced by this distance, doubles its symbolic effect on being interpreted with an open and incredibly vigorous chromatic code, the chromatic code that characterises a large part of Santiago Picatoste's new work.

But in "Jelly", in addition to incorporating various monochrome pieces from the "Chrystallized" series, the artist has also created a huge installation of black and white photographs which he has called "The Cambrian Explosion", referring to the first great planetary crisis we know of, namely the sudden appearance of life in the Cambrian period. These are digital prints on aluminium sheet, 30 x 21 centimetres, showing intense close-ups of different aspects of nature. In contrast to the "Atlas" series, here the perspective is extreme zoom and the spectrum of colour has also been eliminated in favour of a monochromatic effect. Abstraction, however, is still strong and it's difficult, perhaps even impossible, to relate these images to the models taken from nature. As the artist himself explains, his intention is "the inoculation of abstraction in nature", thereby overcoming, from the core, the burden of figurative art. Abstraction is therefore not an intellectual resource of man when interpreting data from knowledge but provided by the very essence of nature itself.

But is there anything more abstract than colour itself? "Jelly" sums up the journey towards pure abstraction. If colour is one of the ultimate symbols of abstraction, then what are all these forms of colour offered by Santiago Picatoste's extraordinary work?

Carlos Jover

Santiago Picatoste (Palma, 1971) has exhibited, in addition to several public and private venues, at the Moriarty gallery in Madrid, the Isabel Hurley gallery in Malaga and the CUC Fundación Unicaja museum in Cadiz, as well as the Xavier Fiol gallery in Palma de Mallorca and the Senda gallery in Barcelona, the Mario Sequeira gallery in Braga (Portugal), Alicia Winters gallery in Holland, Latin Collector Gallery in New York, Asbaek gallery in Copenhagen, Phyton Gallery in Zurich and the Kunstraum Villa Friede at the Stiftung für Kunst und Kultur in Bonn (Germany), where he currently has an exhibition. His work can also be found in important collections such as the Testimoni collection of "La Caixa", the Fundació Pilar i Joan Miró, the Foundazione Golinelli in Bologna (Italy), the Goss Michael Foundation in Dallas (USA) and the SETAI Fifth Avenue collection in New York (USA).

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Institucions: Govern de les Illes Balears,Conselleriad'Educació Cultura i Universitats i l'Institut d'Estudis Baleàrics, Ajuntament de Palma de Mallorca i Fundación Banco Santander.

Comissari: Carlos Jover

Direcció: Pilar Ribal

Col·labora: Galeria Xavier Fiol

Duration: since 30 of october 2014 until 6 of january 2015 .

Place of celebration Casal Solleric. Àrea 1

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