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RICARD CHIANG. The tree and the shade

Inaugurated at the Chinese Cultural Centre of Madrid as part of an ambitious project of international promotion which includes stages at the Chinese Cultural Centre in Madrid, the Stiftung für Kunst und Kultur, Vila Friede in Bonn, the Casa Àsia of Barcelona and the Instituto Cervantes in Beijing, the "L'arbre i l'ombra" project by Ricard Chiang (Barcelona, 1966) comes to Casal Solleric in Palma.

After achieving widespread international recognition for his works in the fields of painting, drawing and sculpture, this project represent the confirmation of the transfer of Chiang's imagery to the expansive terrain of resin sculpture and installations. An exemplary synthesis of the growing harmony between his work and nature, and his affinity with the elements found in the rural environment of Mallorca where he lives and works ¿ like the spider silk that creates incredible expanded drawings ¿ the artist has given his work a significant boost by looking into his own Chinese roots and approaching the absence and essence of the aesthetic of Chinese painting, taking its unexplored spatial dimensions to emerge more spiritual than ever.

As Menene Gras, the curator of the Madrid, Barcelona and Beijing shows wrote, now "the artist's universe and inner world are brought into contact through contemplation and quietude. The materials used are drawn from nature, like the fog or the almond flower, the roots of trees and other plants, spider's webs, old lizards... Everything serves, and there are things you can only learn about in the countryside".

All those things picked up by chance will later find their way into Chiang's sculptures and installations, as the curator of the exhibition in Vila Friede in Bonn, Dieter Ronte wrote: "In his latest works, the artist continues with the theme of nature, but instead of painting on canvas he builds objects, capsules of transparent resin where he includes nature"

This new universe is the fruit of symbiosis between organic and industrial materials, and the combination of free drawing on walls and painting on wood is revealed more freely than ever in the exhibition "The Tree and the shade", a true unveiling of an inspiring new period opening up for Ricard Chiang's work.

It may be that the moonlit mountains and valleys broken by the shadow of a broken tree in the intangible domains of dreams are no longer the "motives" in these expanded resin paintings and installations of Ricard Chiang, but the new worlds glimpsed between the artist's restraint and efforts point to a new mystical dimension in his work, the emotive revelation of personal intimacy that finds the metaphor for the most sublime understanding in the trembling universal light of artistic creation.

Pilar Ribal

Space: Area 1 Casal Solleric
Director and curator: Pilar Ribal
Institutions: Govern de les Illes Balears, Institut d'Estudis Baleàrics, Ajuntament de Palma, Fundació Palma Espai d'Art i Fundación Banco Santander.

The project includes the publishing of a catalogue with texts by Dieter Ronte, Menene Gras and Pilar Ribal.

Duration: since 26 of march until 17 of may 2015 .

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Date of last modification: 1 of June 2015


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